Senior Trey Collins

The CMSF Senior of the Week for March 27 is Trey Collins. Trey's birthday is September 5. His favorite color is UK blue, his favorite food is pizza, and his favorite candy bar is a Pay Day. Trey's favorite teacher is Mrs. Mathews, his best friend is Nate, and his favorite actor is Adam Sandler. His hidden talent is playing basketball, his favorite television show is Scream, and his favorite movie is The Waterboy. Trey's favorite Grade School memory was playing outside at recess, his best Jr. High memory was playing football everyday with his friends, and his favorite High School memory so far was going to the blue locker room everyday during his freshman year. He wants to be remembered as the good kid that never caused any problems. Trey's words of wisdom to leave behind, "Don't be a smart alec to the teachers, that will get you farther in life."