Senior Blain Betz

The CMSF High School Senior of the Week for January 9 is Mr. Blain Betz. Blain's birthday is March 31. His favorite color is red, his favorite book is Hatchet, and his favorite place to eat is Subway. His favorite candy bar is a Snickers, his favorite teacher is Mr. DeNeal, and his favorite actor is Will Ferrell. Blain's favorite Grade School memory was playing baseball in 5th Grade, his favorite Jr. High memory was riding four wheelers with his friends from Stonefort, and his best High School memory so far was hiding with his friends in the welding booth so he didn't have to clean up the shop. His favorite television show is Rick & Morty, he wants to be remembered as someone who was fun to be around, and his favorite sports star is Mookie Betts.